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Unlock the art of photography with a focused seven module program designed to guide you through key concepts and practical skills, empowering you to capture stunning images with confidence.


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Acquiring proficiency in the technical aspects of your camera grants you enhanced control over creative decisions. As you work with the camera, the process should become instinctive and subconscious, akin to learning to play a musical instrument. It is in this seamless interaction that the magic of photography truly unfolds.

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Learning photography properly equips you with the skill to pick up any camera and use it efficiently. It's not about the camera brand or model; it's about understanding the photographic system and mastering the fundamental principles, allowing you to confidently express your vision regardless of the equipment you have at hand.

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Did you know? The effectiveness of automated photography is directly tied to the photographer's knowledge when using automatic modes. Professional photographers often opt for manual control, skillfully directing the process to achieve precise and intentional results.

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A Closer Look into the New Advanced Photography Course

A discussion between Co-Founders of the Academy, Ralf Armbrüster and Martin Osner


Give it Seven lessons, and you'll proudly say 'I'm a photographer,' equipped with the skills to express your vision.

Join this transforming seven module program with weekly video explanations and hands-on exercises. Embrace manual settings to take full control of your photography to produce compelling images. This structured journey ensures a seamless transition from theory to practical application, empowering you with the skills to capture moments creatively. You will Engage with a creative community and reach new heights in your photographic journey!

A Unique Photography Journey:

  • Master the Three Fundamental Controls in Photography
  • Learn how to work with Light and Exposure Readings for Proper Images
  • Low Light and Night Photography Techniques
  • Work with Colour, Contrast, and Exposure Variations
  • Exposing for High and Low Key Photography
  • Control the Situation with Proper Technical and Artistic Choices
  • Depth Control Techniques for Dynamic Photography
  • Understanding Composition and Visual Communications
  • Shooting in Camera Raw for Enhanced Processing
  • Image Asset Management and portfolio structure
  • Learn from the Best, a Teacher with over 30-Years Experience as a Fine Art Photographer
  • BONUS: 3 Months Access to the Inspire Community Included

All of this for just $ 600 


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Sue Docherty

My photography journey started with Martin Osner's 'Let's Talk Photography' seminar, where his enthusiasm and passion captivated me. Inspired, I enrolled in this course. Martin's confidence in our improvement was initially intimidating, but he proved right. This course, with its professional, clear, and concise teaching, covered every aspect of photography, resulting in remarkable progress. It not only provided valuable learning but also an enjoyable experience. Thanks, Martin, for the awesome inspiration! 

Jane Stone

Three years ago, I received a beautiful camera as a gift but lacked photography knowledge, relying on 'auto' mode. When a friend recommended Martin Osner's course, I explored it online and, captivated by his work at an exhibition, enrolled immediately. Since then, I haven't looked back. My only regret is not taking this course earlier. Connecting with like-minded individuals in the class was refreshing and encouraging. I highly recommend this course. 

Pete Owen

Halfway through this course, and I'm bursting with excitement! I initially hesitated with Martin Osner's Essential Photography Course, embarrassed by the low cost, but it exceeded my expectations. I eagerly awaited the Advanced course for months, and it's a resounding 'Wow, Wow, Wow!' I'm thrilled to be on this journey. The only downside is that it ends soon. May I say thank you for this incredible course thus-far, your extensive teaching experience and knowledge in photography shines through, Martin!

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