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As a valued member of our Inspire Community, you gain exclusive access to exciting opportunities through our Creative Challenges. Begin by watching the informative video and downloading the creative brief, setting the stage for your imaginative journey. Once you accept the challenge, showcase your skills by posting your entry within our vibrant community. Engage in our challenge meet-ups, where you'll have the invaluable chance to receive constructive feedback on your work and cast your vote for your favourite submissions. These gatherings serve as a collaborative space for learning from fellow creatives, honing your artistic abilities, and fostering connections with like-minded individuals who share a passion for photography and art. Join us on this enriching journey, where creativity knows no bounds, and the Inspire Community becomes a hub for inspiration, growth, and artistic camaraderie.


Explore Past Creative Challenges and Top-Voted Creations

Delve into our collection of past creative challenges and browse through the top-voted images from each. Experience a gallery filled with the remarkable talent and unique perspectives of our community members. Let these past challenges inspire you and fuel your creativity as you prepare to join us for future endeavors

Through the Lens of Time - Pictorialism

Welcome to our latest creative challenge, which honors the rich heritage of photography by stepping back to the Victorian era, when photography began. Inspired by the success of our previous challenge, "Emotion in Motion," we now explore the history of photography through the lens of Pictorialism. This artistic movement, sparked by Sir William John Newton's 1858 question about photography's status as a fine art, shifted photography from a purely technical medium to one of artistic potential. Pictorialism emphasized beauty, tonality, and composition over mere documentation, embracing a soft, dreamy aesthetic. In this challenge, we aim to capture images that evoke the distinctive style of Pictorialism, creating melodramatic renditions with a strong connection to reality, rather than abstract photography.

Top Voted Images

Cindy Rodkin

Most Popular

Wilfred Berthelsen & Andrew Badenhorst

 Joint Second Choice

John Gerber

Third Choice

Emotion in Motion - Creative Challenge 

This challenge is not about simple out-of-focus photography but rather about intentional camera movement, panning, and tracking to convey emotion through motion. We seek to explore how motion, whether in the camera or the subject, can evoke powerful emotions in viewers. 

Top Voted Images

Felix M Moorer

Top Voted Image

Lian Siekman, Andrew Badenhorst & Ursula Preiss  

Joint Second Choice

The Power of Human Shape

The first creative challenge of 2024 revolves around the compelling theme of the human form in art, delving into its capacity to transcend cultural boundaries and evoke emotional responses. The inspiration originates from the profound impact individuals can have on the world, both positively and negatively, reminiscent of historical figures such as Alexander the Great and Martin Luther King. The challenge invites participants to capture the essence of the human form in their artwork, emphasising its timeless significance.

Top Voted Images

Connie Baranowski

Most Popular

Detlev Bock

Second Choice

Toni Niederwieser & Samantha Lee Osner

Joint Third Choice

December Challenge: Festive Season

The main aim of the Festive Season challenge is to use long-exposure photography techniques to capture the lively and celebratory atmosphere of towns or cities during the festive season. The focus is on a technical approach, covering correct exposure, contrast control, processing, and sharpness. Creativity is welcomed through composition and lighting, and participants are allowed to submit only one photograph.

Top Voted Image - Andrew Badenhorst

November Challenge: Self Portrait

Our creative challenge for November draws inspiration from a thought-provoking quote by Richard Bach. He suggests, "Look in the mirror, and one thing is for sure, what you see is not who you are." However, we're going to put a unique twist on this quote. We'll say, "Look in the mirror, and one thing is for sure: What you see is who you are."

Top Voted Image - Lesley Spiegel

October Challenge: Stylised Botanical Still Life

The theme is based on Vita Sackville-West‚Äôs quote ‚ÄúA flowerless room is a soulless room, to my way of thinking; but even a solitary little vase of a living flower may redeem it.‚ÄĚ

Top Voted Image - Connie Baranowski

September Challenge: Red, Yellow, Blue.

It all began with a 1986 advertisement by Volkswagen promoting the colourful City Golfs. This advert featured a particular colour scheme, and that's what sparked the idea for our challenge: "Red, Yellow, Blue."

Featured Images

Hilda Champion


Amanda Luker

August Challenge: Eclectic with a Twist of Nostalgia

The theme for this challenge is deliberately set to be open-ended, allowing you to explore and interpret it within a broad context. Embrace your artistic freedom and let your imagination take the lead!

Featured Images

Ghail Binneman

Gillian Mager

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