Getting Started with Art Photograhy

Unlock the world of art photography in this comprehensive course. Explore week by week modules, each revealing unique techniques that will elevate your skills and guide you to craft stunning, one-of-a-kind artworks.

Photographer seeking Expression?

Are you a photographer seeking to infuse artistry into your portfolio? This course, guided by Martin Osner, a master of mixed media and art photography, offers a unique weekly exploration of traditional and digital artistic techniques. Discover an alternative approach as you unleash your creative potential and elevate your photography into the realm of fine art.

Artist looking for a new Approach?

Are you an artist considering photography as an alternative medium? This captivating art photography course will guide you in exploring the amalgamation of traditional art mediums with photography. Discover innovative methods that offer a new perspective to your art and reveal how photography can be integrated into your artistic process.


Embark on this artistic journey with the personal guidance of instructor Martin Osner

Watch this video to gain insight into the teaching philosophy of Martin Osner and his unique approach.


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Flexible Learning with our Week-by-Week Art Photography Course

Experience the freedom of learning on your terms with our week-by-week art photography course. As each module unfolds, you can choose to follow the program or slow down and take the course step by step at your own pace. 

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Enjoy lifetime access to all course content, neatly stored in the library section. Dive into teaching and tutorial videos whenever you need a refresher or seek inspiration, making your learning journey an ongoing, enriching experience.

Awaken the Artist Within!

  • Break through¬†"Photographic Anxiety":¬†This course has less to do with photographic control and more to do with artistic freedom.
  • Conquer Creative Challenges:¬†There is an artist in everyone. Discover techniques that will easily bring an artistic layer to your work.
  • Transform Your Photography: Elevate your photographs from¬†snap-shots to¬†breathtaking artistic pieces¬†with the, "Wow" factor.
  • Master Fine Art and Artistic Photography:¬†Start a jouney¬†to¬†create an exhibition-worthy portfolio through the art of photography.
  • Ignite Your Passion:¬†Feel like you have reached a plateau with your photography? This courses witll reignite your photography passion and empower you to achieve remarkable artistry.

Getting Started with Art Photography:

Week 1: Introduction + Getting ready with Supplies and Materials 

Week 2: Painting and Embellishing by Hand Hand and Digitally

Week 3: Documenting Artwork plus Abstract with Acrylic & Impressionism

Week 4: The Art of Solarization

Week 5: Solvent Illuminate Transfer Technique. (Polaroid Simulation)

Week 6: Colour Transfer (Polaroid Simulation) and Bas Relief

Week 7: Black Powder (Charcoal) Transfer

Week 8: The Art of Photo-Montage

Start Your Journey

Crafting Artistry Through Hands-On Techniques

Delve into a world of hands-on techniques that yield truly distinctive and authentic outcomes. Unlike any other, this course unveils methods that foster a more genuine and authentic artistic expression. From the initial instruction to personalized mentorship, you'll embark on a journey that not only teaches the craft but also empowers you to craft art.

Rob Heffer

"Martin Osner's Art Photography course is brilliant and enlightening, lifting the veils from your photographic perspective. If you're seeking an awe-inspiring, mind-blowing, eye-opening, inspirational, thought-provoking, and soul-searching experience, then look no further. These courses are bound to reshape your view of photography forever. Beyond uncovering the art of fine art photography, the course is an enjoyable venture. Martin's creative teaching methods are accessible and insightful, drawing from a wealth of lifetime knowledge and experience that he generously imparts. Alongside all this, both Martin and his equally talented daughter Sam radiate warmth and passion, making them exceptional educators. Whether you're yearning to enhance your photographic or artistic passion, I wholeheartedly recommend any of their courses. After years of pursuing perfection, I now strive for imperfection in my photographs, aiming to transform them into works of art. And the remote learning experience via Zoom from anywhere in the world? It's truly brilliant and seamless."

Janus Sinclair

At the prompting of a dear friend, I embarked on the enlightening journey that is Martin Osner's fine art workshop, and I can wholeheartedly attest that it was a decision that has enriched my creative life profoundly. This course has been nothing short of a revelation, rekindling the flames of my waning passion for photography. With my creative senses reignited, with a newfound enthusiasm to not only refine my existing skills but also to plunge deeper into the mesmerising realm of fine art photography.

Throughout this transformative art photography course, I've been introduced to an array of techniques that have unfurled before me the wondrous tapestry of artistic expression within photography. These newfound skills have empowered me to transform mere images into evocative pieces of art, each radiating a unique blend of creativity. My heartfelt appreciation extends to Martin for curating such an illuminating experience, one that has left an indelible mark on my creative journey.

Student Showcase: View Stunning Art Photography Transformations

Explore more before and after examples created by our talented artists in training. See incredible featured artworks from our "Getting Started in Art Photography" course and be inspired by the stunning transformations.


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