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"Embracing the Artist within Everyone"

Welcome to the online art photography academy!  Explore the art of photography through a variety of mediums and unique techniques. Gain access to tutorials, instruction videos and critiques. Prepare to take your photography to a new level in art.

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Transform Your Photography into Incredible Art

Unlock the potential of your photography and turn your photographs into stunning works of art through our unique instruction and techniques.

Discover the Artist Within You

It's time to explore your passion for photography and unlock your full potential as an artist. Online courses, workshops and our art community will help to take your portfolio to the next level.

Immerse Yourself in a Vibrant Community of Talented Artists

Experience the power of community, exchange ideas, and receive feedback that will help you become confident in your artistic talent.

Discover the Joy of Self-Expression! It's time to Schedule a break from the Noise of the World!

Discover the transformative power of creativity in our latest article. Learn why scheduling creative time is essential for mental well-being and explore various activities, from photography challenges to fine art workshops. Embrace the call to action and prioritize your artistic journey. Your fulfilling and inspired life begins here

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Still Shooting in Auto? Elevate Your Photography with Essential Lessons

We're thrilled to announce that our Photography Essentials Course is now available, and here's the best part: you set the price! Whether you're a beginner, someone who's been relying on auto mode, or an advanced photographer seeking a brush-up, this course is designed for you.

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Complete these Seven Lessons, and you'll proudly say 'I'm a photographer,' equipped with the skills to express your vision!

Exciting news for photography enthusiasts! The highly anticipated Advanced Photography Class by Martin Osner has finally arrived, offering a comprehensive seven module course designed to elevate your photography skills. Drawing on over thirty years of instructive experience, Martin Osner has adapted his renowned teachings to the realm of digital photography. This course encompasses a thorough exploration of technical camera operation, empowering participants to master the intricacies of their equipment. From controlling the outcome of your shots to delving into the nuances of composition and visual communication, Osner's expertise covers every aspect of photography. Additionally, participants will gain valuable insights into digital workflow and processing, ensuring a holistic understanding of the entire photographic journey. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to learn from a seasoned professional and refine your photography skills in just seven lessons.

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Getting Started in Art Photography

Course Bookings Now Open

Discover the artistry of photography with Martin Osner's acclaimed six-week course. Don't miss this chance to start your creative journey and create captivating images using unique techniques!

Your Artistic Journey Starts Here

Photoshop for the Artist, is here. Say goodbye to intimidation and Hello to creativity!

Photoshop is no longer an intimidating hurdle to overcome! This unique and exciting course with help you unlock your creative power under the expert guidance of renowned photographic artist, Samantha Lee Osner.

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Introducing Our Exciting "Inspire" Community!

By joining our vibrant and inspiring community, you can take on the monthly challenges and receive valuable feedback to refine your skills as an artist. Embrace the opportunity to connect with fellow creatives, exchange insights, and embark on an enriching journey of artistic exploration.

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Inspired Creative Challenges!

Welcome to our exciting Creative Monthly Challenges. We've crafted these challenges with the aim of keeping photographers and art enthusiasts engaged, inspired, and continuously growing in their craft. By joining our vibrant and inspiring community, you can take on the monthly challenges and receive valuable feedback to refine your skills as an artist. Embrace the opportunity to connect with fellow creatives, exchange insights, and embark on an enriching journey of artistic exploration.

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You can learn how to transform your photography into stunning work for your portfolio using simple art techniques. With our online classroom instruction and detailed instructional videos, you can learn at your own pace and get the most out of your fine art photography journey.


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Whether you are a beginner looking to explore new techniques or an experienced photographer ready for something new, we have the content you need to help you to get excited about your photography. Join us and find the inspiration you are looking for.


Why practice art photography in isolation? Be part of a forum where you, as a photographic artist, can discuss your work with others and learn from a community-based creative room. Our innovative platform will allow you to share your work and connect with other like-minded artists who share your passion and understand your rationale.

The Worlds Greatest Creative Platform for Art Photography is Here!

Get ready to discover the world's most innovative platform for art photography.

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If you have been looking for an inspiring community-based art photography platform? Look no further - the Art Photography Academy is here. With a wide variety of content to explore and tutorials to follow, this platform will help you to develop your fine art photography skills and learn from the best. So, Perfect place to hang out, whether you're starting or a seasoned artist. Sign up now for free content as we continue to build this exciting new creative space.

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"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up."

Pablo Picasso